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Smith Consulting And Networking is here to help you identify, cultivate, and maximize the human potential within your organization, institution, and/or team. Your goals and objectives are our priority, but your people and their time are our responsibility, we will respect both and provide a dynamic, and thought provoking learning experience.

Keynotes For Any Occassion

Words alone don’t inspire people, their experiences do. Bryant K. Smith is an expert at sharing experiences in order to empower his audience. Bryant K. Smith has spoken and presented at hundreds of national conferences, colleges, universities and corporate events.

Diversity & Inclusion Trainings

For more than 20 years Bryant K. Smith has been at the forefront of using workshops and presentations to transform business, athletic, and educational institutions into places that help students, athletes, and employees reach and display their full potential.

Student Success Seminars

Smith Consulting And Networking is a comprehensive consulting company dedicated to providing “safe and effective learning climates” for all participants.

Teacher In-Service Training

Our goal is to engage, examine, interpret, and improve relationships between people, cultures and communities. We build and promote trust, inspire cultural confidence, and understanding. We educate and empower.



  • The Aftermath: Diversity & Inclusion Post Election 2016’
  • Student Success Seminar
  • Empire Leadership Experience
  • The Power of Difference: Diversity In Schools
  • Beyond Sticks & Stones: Bullying In A Digital Age
  • A Few Good Greeks
  • The Climate & The Classroom: Building Successful Students
  • Dangerous Minds: Student Activism In Post Racial America
  • The Essence Leadership Inventory
  • Revisiting Racism: A Social Justice Symposium
  • The Media’s Assault on Healthy Minority Images


  • The Equity & Bias Imperative
  • Leadership From The inside Out
  • The Success Seminar
  • Franchise Leadership Institute
  • Recruit, Retain, Retrain Diverse Leadership Initiative

Male Development

  • The Application For Manhood
  • Life Station Male Development Retreat
  • The Manhood Test
  • The Ideal Man Institute
  • Redskins, Dangerous Negroes & Bad Hombres: Marginalized Manhood In A Climate of H.A.T.R.E.D.
  • Beyond Tokenism: Student Engagement & Males of Color

All programs can be delivered as workshops or keynotes and are fully customizable to meet the needs of meeting and event planners.